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Cruising can be fun and exceptional cost effective vacation compared to land, all inclusive vacations.
It is important to note that the lowest price cruise is not the best value. If you cruised many times you will know that the location of your cabin in the ship makes the difference. In the likelyhood of rough seas the closer you are to the center of the ship the less movement and the less likely you will experience motion effects. If you know exactly what you want…you can book through our site with the cruise lines, however if you would like some guidance navigating where and what represents the best value you can call me direct 727 897 5590 Michael - MCC (Master Cruise Counsellor)

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Book shore excursions  Cruise lines offer onboard or prebooked shore excursions, however as many of the items provided, the cruise line subcontracts the service to companies specializing in different fields…one being shore excursions, and subsequently mark up the excursions. By booking in advance you can generally save 10 to 25% on shore excursions.


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