Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency
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The rates shown on TV, Online, or in Print are wholesale exchange rates used when banks electronically transfer $1,000,000 or more to another overseas bank. These rates are not intended for retail purchases when buying cash in the United States or overseas. Currency Exchange is no different from the retail market where there are wholesale and retail pricing.

Please Explain Currency Price Protection:
Many people generally under estimate how much money to take along and wind up paying higher fees and rates overseas. With Currency Price Protection you can pay a small fee for each currency purchased to lock in your rate. Should you have foreign cash left over after returning from your trip, just send back the unused portion and eZforex will give you the exact exchange rate as originally purchased. Thousands of eZforex customers save hundreds of dollars returning unused currency. In fact, a travel writer from San Jose, CA answered several of her readers letters in the Sunday paper explaining the value of Currency Price Protection.

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